2Fuse Hack v2.0

2Fuse Hack v2.0

Hack Description

Lots of Volts
All Upgrade Mastery Max
Time, Star, Quality Booster x999999

iFile or Ifunbox, etc.
Jailbroken or nonjailbroken device
The game
The hack file

1. Download and Install the game
2. Download this file
3. Extract the zip file
4. Put the plist file into /user application/2Fuse/Library/Preferences
5. Open the game and Enjoy!

Please post a Feedback, etc. about the hack

2Fuse Hack v2.0

Download Area for 2Fuse Hack v2.0

DOWNLOAD LINK for 2Fuse Hack v2.0

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File downloaded: 11556 time’s

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